Microneedling in Silver Spring, MD

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Microneedling in Silver Spring, MD

Experience the Benefits of Microneedling at Abraza Skin Studio. This Non-Surgical Treatment is Designed to Diminish the Appearance of Fine Lines, Acne Scars & Wrinkles. Find Out if Microneedling is the Treatment for You. Book Your Consultation Now. Call (301) 684-4477. Located at 8730 Georgia Ave Suite 212 Silver Spring, MD 20910.

If you are interested in revitalizing your facial appearance with a minimally invasive treatment procedure that requires no time away from work or friends to recover, microneedling may be right for you. At Abraza Skin Studio in Silver Spring, we proudly offer customized microneedling treatments to improve a wide range of facial skin concerns. For patients with sun damage, acne scars, wrinkles, and skin texture issues, microneedling is a safe and effective way to gently improve your skin’s natural condition.

What is microneedling and how does it work?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive esthetic procedure that can improve the look of your skin by stimulating important growth factors. Our microneedling procedure utilizes a gentle medical device that uses ultra-fine needles to carefully penetrate the surface of the skin. These needles create microchannels within the skin that help stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen by activating your body’s wound healing response. These microchannels also improve absorption of important topical skin care products. Microneedling can help improve the look of sun damage, fine lines, skin texture, and acne scarring by supporting your body’s innate systems. Microneedling is an excellent treatment option for men and women seeking to improve their appearance and achieve totally natural-looking results without altering their skin’s structure.

Is microneedling only for my face?

While microneedling is most often performed on the face, it can be used on many parts of the body. Microneedling has been used beneficially on the hands, abdomen, décolletage, and neck of many patients. Microneedling on the abdomen can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and while we often consider our face to be the most obvious place for signs of aging to appear, our hands and neck can telegraph our age just easily if left unattended. At Abrava Skin Studio, your provider can offer you personalized care and a consultation where you can voice all of your skin concerns. During your consultation, we will help you decide whether microneedling is the right treatment option for you and your skin.

Who should not receive microneedling treatments?

Nearly everyone can reap the benefits of microneedling. Because it is minimally evasive and works with your body’s natural systems, it has a low risk of side effects and complications. However, as with any esthetic procedure, there are some patients who may want to seek alternative treatment therapies in order to achieve their skin rejuvenation goals. Microneedling procedures are generally not recommended for patients with active breakouts including inflamed acne, patients with broken capillaries in the desired treatment area, or those who suffer from excessive facial redness or nodular rosacea. Your consultation will include a total skin review with a highly-trained clinician, so we can ensure microneedling is the right treatment option for you. Should you decide you would like to explore alternatives, Abraza Skin Studio proudly offer a comprehensive range of esthetic services, so you can find the right treatment for your skin.

If you live in the Silver Spring, Maryland and surrounding area and would like to speak with an experienced skincare provider about whether microneedling procedures are right for you, call Abraza Skin Studio on Georgia Avenue today. We are conveniently located and offer a wide range of personalized skincare treatments that can suit everyone’s unique needs.