Asha Rayner


Asha Rayner

Asha Rayner is not only a part of the Abraza team but also a close friend of Natasha. Asha has been a nurse for 21 years and has worked in specialty areas of critical care, cardiology, and medical aesthetics. She also has 5 years of experience in hair restoration with the nation’s largest hair surgical practice.


Asha joined the aesthetic arena eight years ago and pursed her Esthetician license as a sub specialty. Asha’s inspiration is rooted from a long standing history of cosmetic exposure through her mother who was a cosmetologist who owned and ran her business for 40+ years.


Her love for aesthetics began in her early years and was evident amidst her peers who often sought guidance for their skin care related to the healthy portrayal of her own skin. Asha’s love for healthy skin is related to a healthy well being seen through the eyes of the individual as well as others.

Asha brings her wealth of clinical experience to the Silver Spring, MD location where she is not only a clinician, but also part owner.