Lip Augmentation in Silver Spring, MD

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Lip Augmentation in Silver Spring, MD

At Abraza Skin Studio We Can Give You Fuller Natural Lips With a Simple Lip Augmentation Procedure. We Are Located at 8730 Georgia Ave Suite 212 Silver Spring, MD 20910. Book a Consultation Online or Call (301) 684-4477.

Lip augmentation with specialized dermal fillers can provide you with the perfect pout. Whether you are inspired by Instagram to achieve dramatic fullness, or you simply want to attain a naturally plump pout, the experienced providers at Abraza Skin Studio can help. We specialize in semi-permanent hyaluronic acid lip fillers that can offer truly customizable results you will love. If you live in the Silver Spring, MD area, there is no better place to achieve the lips of your dreams.

How big should I go with my lips?

As with many esthetic treatments, the answer to this question is extremely personal. At Abraza Skin Studio, our experienced providers can offer personalized consultation services to help you decide whether you are interested in a more natural lip augmentation procedure, or if you would benefit from a more dramatic treatment outcome. The size of your desired lip augmentation will depend upon the unique structure of your face and your personal esthetic preferences. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers offer an extremely customizable experience. We can inject these fillers into the lip itself, or into the lip rim depending on your unique needs. No matter what your ideal lips look like, your clinician can offer in-depth insight and exceptional guidance that will help you determine how to best achieve your desired pout.

What if I don’t like my results?

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers offer an exceptionally personalized experience. If you find that your results are not what you are looking for, specialized enzymes can be injected into the lips to dissolve the original substance and quickly reverse the results. Alternately, if you find that the results achieved after your first treatment session are not dramatic enough, we can easily build upon your initial outcome to improve your satisfaction. At Abraza Skin Studio, we want you to love the way you look, so you can enjoy an increased sense of confidence every day. We are proud to offer lip augmentation services that can improve your smile and help you feel picture perfect and photo ready.

What are the most common side effects of lip fillers for lip augmentation?

Aside from a minor amount of discomfort when you receive the injection, the most common side effect of your lip augmentation will be swelling or bruising. To limit these effects, it is important to avoid certain medications and supplements in the week leading up to your appointment. Anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen, vitamin E or multivitamin supplements, and fish oil should all be left out of your daily routine before your lip injection session. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours prior and following your session can also help to reduce swelling and bruising. Your clinician can help identify any other ways in which you can support better healing both leading up to and after your lip augmentation appointment. Especially if this is your first lip filler injection, we welcome all of your questions, so you can rest assured you will receive the highest quality care and best possible treatment outcome.

If you live in the surrounding Silver Spring, Maryland  area and are looking for a dedicated specialist who can provide exceptional lip augmentation services you are sure to love, contact Abraza Skin Studio today to schedule your personalized lip consultation.