Areola Tattooing in Atlanta

Areola Tattooing in Atlanta, GA

Dr. Natasha Welch with Abraza Skin Studio is highly experienced in treating body areas including upper and scar camouflage as well as treating Areola pigmentation for those who have had breast reconstruction.

We understand the sensitivity required for providing women with reconstructive procedures. Dr. Welch herself underwent permanent makeup and plastic surgery procedures following a near fatal car accident. At Abraza Skin Studio, your areola tattooing will be completed in a confidential and compassionate office environment where your concerns and potential reservations will be listened to and treated with kindness and respect. If you live in the Atlanta, GA are and are seeking an understanding provider who can help complete your breast reconstruction, Dr. Welch and her dedicated staff are here to help.


Located at 365 Peachtree Hills Ave NE Suite 202, Atlanta, GA 30305.


Why should I choose to have my areola tattooed?

For women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery, it can be difficult to understand how much the areola can make a difference in the way you perceive yourself and your breasts. At Abraza Skin Studio, Dr. Natasha Welch understands that patients who have undergone breast reconstruction, but find themselves still dissatisfied with the outcome, may benefit greatly from areola tattooing. By providing compassionate consultations and personalized care, we strive to offer you an experience that can increase your confidence and sense of self. We carefully match your skin tone, so the results you achieve enhance your body and help improve the way you look at your new breasts.

Will my tattoo fade? How often will I need touch-ups?

Cosmetic and medical tattooing differs from traditional tattoos. Because the pigments used in areola tattooing are generally lighter and designed to match your natural skin tone, the ink is not as permanent as a darker traditional tattoo. As a result, your areola tattoo will eventually fade and may require touch-ups anywhere from 6 months-2 years after your initial treatment. There are many different factors that can contribute to your areola tattoo’s lifespan. You will want to avoid salt water and chlorine for a while after your areola has been tattooed, and gentle cleansing while avoiding harsher products can help extend the life of your areola tattoo. Dr. Welch can provide you with more information about which products may not be suitable for the tattooed area, and how to best extend the life of your tattoo.

Is areola tattooing covered by insurance?

For most patients, insurance will cover some or all of your areola tattooing expense. It is important to reach out to your insurance provider in order to determine whether this is true for the specific plan that you have. It is also important to remember that your breast reconstruction must be completed before you receive an areola tattoo. Tattooing of the areola is the final step in your breast reconstruction, meant to help your new breasts look as much like your original ones as possible. Dr. Welch understands that reconstructive surgeries can take a toll on a person’s self-esteem. Her goal is to provide life-changing services that can truly benefit her patients. Women who have undergone breast reconstruction and the pain of cancer treatment deserve to feel beautiful and confident in their new bodies. By providing careful areola tattooing services, Abraza Skin Studio hopes to improve the lives of as many women as possible.

If you or a loved one are in need of areola tattooing services in the Atlanta area, contact our compassionate providers at Abraza Skin Studio by calling (678) 635-9395 to schedule an appointment today.